The Dangerous Science Show

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The Dangerous Science Show

It’s like a science show, just more dangerous!

Age Suitability

KS1 to adult


As many as can safely fit into the venue


1 Hour

STEM Topics

Determined by key stage

Forces, Pressure, Combustion, Work, Energy

Information Pack

The Dangerous Science Show

The Dangerous Science Show examines the impact that our ability to use the energy of expanding gases has had on human civilisation.

So what about the ‘dangerous’ bit?

It’s there because we take the danger knob and turn it up to 11.  This show contains some of our most dangerous demonstrations:

  • The Burning Bed of Nails – it’s a bed of nails, but on fire.
  • The Fire Axe Pendulum – a reboot of a classic demonstration about conservation of energy but instead of a bowling ball we use an axe.  And it’s on fire.
  • The Exploding Helmet of Pain – no science show is complete without a hydrogen/oxygen balloon explosion so we super size it. Then we put it on our presenter’s head and throw in a couple of propane balloons for good measure.

And there’s plenty more!

The schools version of the Dangerous Science Show is an hour long.  We do have a festival-ready version of this show called the Expanding Gas Show.  It’s 20 to 30 mins long, can be performed indoors or outdoors (some different demos in each version) and has a 10 to 15 minute set up and take down time.



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If the situation isn’t right for us to visit then we can do an online show for you and/or we can send you a workshop pack with all of the materials you need to run your own Fan-Powered Car Workshop or a Rocket Car Workshop.

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