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Here, have some free stuff, some freebies. It’s on the house, so to speak. A few samples of what is available to our Supercurricular subscribers.

Primary / Secondary

The Solar System to scale

Suitable for primary and secondary.

This resource consists of all of the planets of our Solar System laid out on cards for you to print and all to scale.  Also included is a table of distances between the planets to the same scale and some lesson presentation suggestions.



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PDF Download

Mainly Secondary

Build a vortex cannon

Great fun as a construction project for KS2 but the science element is more suited to KS3.

Vortex cannons are brilliant and really simple to make.  The science comes in when you think about why they do what they do.  This resource is a PDF file which comprises printable instructions, an outline of the science involved and lesson presentation suggestions.



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PDF Download

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If the situation isn’t right for us to visit then we can do an online show for you and/or we can send you a workshop pack with all of the materials you need to run your own Fan-Powered Car Workshop or a Rocket Car Workshop.

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