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We’re building up a library of STEM resources for primary and secondary teachers (and for anyone else who might be interested).


As this is a new endeavour we’re making it all completely free while we fill it up with useful stuff.  So sign up and you don’t have to pay anything until 1st January 2020 and after that it’s only £5 a month.  That’s the cost of two small mochas at a well known high street coffee chain and you can leave any time you like.


We’ll be adding new resources all the time and we’re open to suggestions from you as well.

Wonderstruck will be hosting a wide range of curriculum & non-curriculum  based STEM resources.  Check out what we’ve got so far! 


It’s all free until 1st January 2020!

Primary Resources

  • Improve classroom engagement 
  • Ready for use resources
  • Help to enhance your own subject knowledge

Secondary Resources

  • Practical activities
  • Curriculum linked
  • Enjoyable

We'll always have a few freebies!

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