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When it comes to awesome activities for your classroom, Wonderstruck have got you covered.

The Wonderstruck Supercurricular Subscription

What is this?

This is the world of subscription services, where you can throw your worries to the wind and let us carry some of the burden of crafting superb curriculum based classroom activities ready for you to build into your own lesson plans.

This is a new endeavour for us, so while we fill it up with sciencey goodness it’s all free (until 1st November 2020)!

Do I even need this?

That entirely depends…

  • Do you struggle to find creative and entertaining ways to educate your classes?

  • Do you get bored of stale lesson activities you just can’t find the time to replace?

  • Do you run a science club?

  • Do you fancy doing some awesome practical science at home?

Ok, how does it work?

At the moment it’s all free!  You do have to register so we can send an occasional email to let you know when there are new resources to investigate.

We’re not going to ask for any card details or anything like that at the moment.  We’ll contact you sometime in October for those and if you don’t want to carry on with your subscription no problem.

If you do want to carry on, it will cost just £5 a month, you can cancel anytime, and for that you get:

Access to a wealth of material fit for the King or Queen of Teachers


Exclusive video content (so you can stick this on, if you’re tired, and put your feet up)


New lesson content ideas, backed up with great resources

Why do we charge (from 1st November)?

The money we get from subscriptions funds our Free Visits for Small Primaries initiative.

We understand that small primaries often can’t afford visits from people like us so, at the moment we offer one completely free visit per term to a small (less than 120 on roll) state primary on mainland UK.  The more subscribers we get, the more visits we can fund.

We think that’s worthwhile.

What are you waiting for?

£5 per month, cancel anytime, a wealth of student friendly material, just waiting there.

Activate your subscription by filling in the form below…

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Subject to terms and conditions, a bajillion year contract and  exploitative customer retention processes… only kidding… there are some conditions, of course, but nothing ridiculous, evil or malicious. We want to make science as accessible as possible. If that means helping you not get too stressed out trying to concoct and conjur magnificent lesson plans so you can more gleefuly teach the scientists and engineers of the future then we’re glad to help. and at £5 per month we should just about cover our own costs. If you still don’t think it’s a good idea, if you have something to feedback then please feel free to get in touch.

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Remote Options

If the situation isn’t right for us to visit then we can do an online show for you and/or we can send you a workshop pack with all of the materials you need to run your own Fan-Powered Car Workshop or a Rocket Car Workshop.

Our STEM subscription resources are now free for all until August 2020

Free STEM activities for home learning or just for fun during those dull days of isolation.