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Special Offers

We regularly offer special discounts to lighten the load on your budgets so keep an eye on this page  for some fantastic offers throughout the year!

Covid 19 Update

We know that things are going to be difficult during the current school shutdown as a lot of schools will be open for children of key workers, EHCP children etc.

We appreciate that that might be a struggle so we’re offering to run our ‘Forces & Motion’ days for the duration for just £400 plus VAT in the southwest.  For events further afield we’ll need to add on travel and accommodation.

We’d love to do it for free in these uncertain times but we don’t receive any external funding and the next few montyhs are going to be tough for us.  This is just an idea that might help you in a small way and may also help us through some difficult times.

Flash SALE!

A PERFECTLY RESPECTABLE 10 per cent off our first booking for Monday 28th September 2020!

Just quote SUPERSEPT when you make your booking.

Offer open to UK schools only.

How to book

If you know what you’re looking for already then simply get in touch to arrange a date.

Get in touch

Our booking process is simple. You get in contact and we arrange a date. Try not to leave it to the last minute to avoid disappointment. We’re quick to respond but if you have a certain timeframe that suits you then let us know in the Message space below.

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Our STEM subscription resources are now free for all until August 2020

Free STEM activities for home learning or just for fun during those dull days of isolation.