inspire awe and ignite curiosity in spectacular kinetic fashion.

What we do

Since 2004 Wonderstruck science shows and workshops  have been all about inspiring wonder in the world around us.  We work with children and adults in formal and informal settings to explore science in a hands-on, creative and spectacular way.


The last 16 years have been a wild ride.  Wonderstruck science shows and workshops have spread the sciencey goodness to hundreds of schools across the UK with groups from year R to post-16.  We’ve run workshops and shows for 10 children and we’ve run them for just under a thousand.  We’ve performed shows at the Royal Institution, Cheltenham Science Festival, the Abu Dhabi Science Festival, the Bradford Science Festival and quite a few others.  We’ve even ‘warmed up’ for Alesha Dixon at the huge Make the Future Live event at the Olympic Park, Stratford in 2017.


We’ve learned to do some crazy stuff.  We can safely explode a car or a shed on stage (take your pick), take a shower in liquid nitrogen, use a 6-foot long jet engine as a hairdrier and set off 7 kilos of thermite safely on a school playing field.  


Most recently we’ve launched our new STEMintheBOX range of workshop boxes that we can send out to schools so you can run your own awesome Wonderstruck STEM events.  We’re very excited about adding more kits to the range in the coming months.


What does the future hold?  We’re always learning and we’re always developing new ideas so we couldn’t really say.  But that’s the way we like it.

Wonderstruck STEMintheBOX Workshops

Our STEMintheBOX takeaway workshops have been a huge success.  After completely selling out of our special Christmas Rocket Sleigh Workshop we’ve introduced a new STEMintheBOX kit; Loudspeakers. 


What on Earth are they?

Well, we’ve taken a few of our most popular workshops and put them in boxes ready to ship out to schools.

Each box contains a class-sized cornucopia of materials – enough materials for each child in a class of 30 to take home a completed STEM project  And we even throw in an extra one for the teacher!

The boxes are supported by comprehensive teacher notes, build instructions, videos and powerpoint presentations.  We can even do a live introduction via Zoom if you like.


You can’t get STEMintheBOX kits anywhere else because we make them in our secret headquarters, deep in the heart of an active volcano.


At the moment ordering is done by dropping us an email but we’re working on building an online store so things should be a bit more streamlined in the coming weeks.

Pop over to our Remote Options page for more details.

Remote Options

A variety of remote options are now available. Curious? Click the button for details and access to information packs




Supercurricular STEM

An exclusive range of curriculum & non-curriculum based STEM resources for primary and secondary teachers and anyone else who might be interested.

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Covid 19 Update – we’re working on adding a store to the site so all subscriptions are free until that’s up and running!!

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What Tony had to say…

“A glowing testimonial for the show, the kids were in awe of the whole event and have been talking about science non-stop for weeks afterwards”

Tony, Secondary Science Teacher

W. Sussex

Why use Wonderstruck?

Spectacular and immersive experiences

Encouraging curiosity and excitement in STEM learning with hands-on practical workshops and spectacular shows.

Our workshops, shows and special events, provide a unique experience for all age groups and abilities.  We aim to engage with eye-catching demonstrations, team-based and competitive workshops, all with a clear subject focus so your audience can learn while they cheer and laugh along.

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Remote Options

If the situation isn’t right for us to visit then we can do an online show for you and/or we can send you a workshop pack with all of the materials you need to run your own Fan-Powered Car Workshop or a Rocket Car Workshop.

Our STEM subscription resources are currently free for all until we get our web store done (probs Jan '21)!

Free STEM activities for home learning or just for fun during those dull days of isolation.