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What we do

We deliver awesome workshops and shows but you don’t have to stick with just one or the other.

How about a full day of shows and workshops for upto 1000 participants?


Or, if you’re more interested in maximum flexibility then check out our ‘Remote Options’ page, where you can find out more about our expanding range of online shows and our STEMintheBOX Workshops where we send you everything you need in the post to run one of our awesome workshops!

Here at Wonderstruck we spend our every waking moment developing and delivering amazing workshops, awe-inspiring shows and astonishing resources.


This is what we’ve got to offer at the moment.  Check back soon because we’ve always got some exciting new stuff in the pipeline…


Go Team STEM!

  • All of our workshops are STEM-focused
  • They are team-based and competitive
  • We have workshops for all ages & abilities
  • Suitable for schools, festivals & events
  • High capacity – some of our workshops can run with 500 participants!


Shock & awe!

  • Our shows are some of the most spectacular around!
  • We’ve performed them all over the UK in schools and at festivals and other events
  • Flexible formats & designed to combine with our awesome workshops.


Blow minds at your events!

  • Most of our workshops and shows are available for festivals
  • Large scale outdoor demos
  • We have a range of high capacity make & take workshops
  • ‘Event-ready’ 20-30 min versions of our shows with a quick turnaround 

What Helen had to say…

“Amazing stuff.  One of the best events we’ve had at our school!”

Helen - Primary Teacher



A wonderful 10% off all schools bookings (live events, online shows & STEMbox Workshops) in January 2021!

How to book

If you know what you’re looking for already then simply get in touch to arrange a date.

Get in touch

Our booking process is simple. You get in contact and we arrange a date. Try not to leave it to the last minute to avoid disappointment. We’re quick to respond but if you have a certain timeframe that suits you then let us know in the Message space below.

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Remote Options

If the situation isn’t right for us to visit then we can do an online show for you and/or we can send you a workshop pack with all of the materials you need to run your own Fan-Powered Car Workshop or a Rocket Car Workshop.

Our STEM subscription resources are now free forever!

Free STEM activities for school, home learning or just for fun.