We're always trying new things to go into our workshops and shows. Here's a few of our favourites – some of which you might want to have a go at yourself and some which you definitely shouldn't unless you have the necessary training and equipment!

Please note that you try any of these experiments at your own risk. If you want more details of anything you see here just drop us an email and we'll do our best to help.

The Burning Skull of Science

Posted 11:20, 29/11/2016

Just a little Halloween whimsy.  We had a plaster skull and we had some bicarbonate of soda and sugar and some lighter fluid so who...

The New Wonderstruck YouTube Channel Trailer!

Posted 16:00, 21/04/2015

Check out our shiny new YouTube Channel Trailer!  

Testing the Car of Science

Posted 08:34, 14/11/2014

A few clips of us testing the propane mortar in the Car of Science before the show starts for real at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival 2014.

The Liquid Nitrogen Bucket Rocket Revisited...Again

Posted 10:28, 15/09/2014

We've not had a lot of luck with our liquid nitrogen bucket rockets in the past but that hasn't discouraged us! Here we go with...

What happens when you put an airbag into a microwave?

Posted 17:20, 12/09/2014

Here at Wonderstruck we like to ponder the truly deep questions about the the Universe around us. Our most recent quandary is right up...

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