Wonderstruck Primary Science CPD eManual

If you've had a look through our website you'll realise that not only do we deliver our exciting range of STEM Workshops & Shows but we also run the occasional CPD session.

Over the years we've been asked repeatedly for a proper set of written notes to go with these sessions. After some procrastination we've finally sat down and wrestled with the PC to produce our Primary Science CPD eManual.

What's In It?

This 18 page tome contains descriptions of short, practical demos and activities you can use in the classroom to spice up science lessons. We don't envision that reading this manual will give you super powers or anything like that but after reading it you should be able to place a balloon on a lighted candle without bursting it, snap a ruler with just the power of air, build your own loud speaker and much more.

What's Not In It?

The manual doesn't contain lesson plans – we'll leave that up to you. It also doesn't contain detailed risk assessments. If there are any specific hazards we've mentioned them but you'll need to conduct your own more detailed risk assessments.

How Much Does It Cost?

The First Edition is a snip at £3.99. All subsequent updates will be just £0.99 each if purchased individually. You can also buy the Complete Works which consist of the First Edition and all updates published to that point in time bound into one sumptuous pdf file for just £5.99.


We will be producing at least one update per term (for just £0.99!) so that your manual will gradually build up into a massive collection of volumes to rival the Encyclopaedia Britannica so do check back regularly.

Questions and Suggestions

If you have questions about anything in the manual or if you have any suggestions about how we can improve it or any particular content you would like to see shoot us an email



At Wonderstruck we think the internet is the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to sharing information. For instance, you could download our eManual and scatter thousands of free copies willy nilly all over the place. However, we really would prefer it if you don't.

Making a Purchase

Just click on the 'buy now' button and you'll be redirected to your PayPal login page, you can either login with your account or pay as a guest by entering your card details. As soon as you've paid we'll email you a link (valid for 24 hours) from which you can download your shiny new manual.

The First Edition (£3.99)

This edition is the basic 18 page manual, first made available in September 2012.

Latest Update - No.1 September 2012 (£0.99)

Build a scale model of the solar system in your playground with printed planets and all the sizes and distances worked out for you.

The Complete Works (£5.99)

This edition contains all of the content we've produced to date compiled into one handy reference work.


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