The Wonderstruck Rocket Show

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The Wonderstruck Rocket Show

A Show crammed with physics and chemistry, and laced with a liberal dose of history.

Age Suitability

KS1 to Adult


As many as can safely fit into the venue


1 Hour

STEM Topics

Determined by key stage

Forces, Pressure, Combustion, Energy, Impulse etc for older/more advanced students

Information Pack

The Rocket Show

Our most frequently booked show!

We’ve performed the Rocket Show at the Royal Institution, the Abu Dhabi Science Festival, the Cheltenham Science Festival and at many other prestigious venues, not to mention hundreds of schools all over the UK.

The show looks at the history and science of rockets from the discovery of black powder to the most recent exploits of SpaceX and others.

In the show you can expect to see a full size, working rocket car, a working hybrid rocket motor, a working jet engine, a very large fireball and some incredibly loud noises.

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