The Super Sonic Sideshow

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The Super Sonic Sideshow

Age Suitability

KS3 upwards


As many as can safely fit into the venue


1 Hour

STEM Topics

Determined by key stage

Properties of sound waves, Longitudinal & transverse waves, The speed of sound in different materials, Sonic booms, Resonance

Information Pack

The Super Sonic Sideshow

This show is currently undergoing a revamp but will be back on the road in January 2020.

The Super Sonic Sideshow investigates the link between vibration and sound, the properties of sound waves and how we visualise sound.  Al;ong the way we explore how sounds can be made by different devices including springs, a didgeridoo, a Theremin and a jet engine.

We also look at the effects of sound; sending a shcokwave into the audience, making a sonic boom and also smashing a wine glass with high intensity sound!

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