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Posted 16:17, 08/09/2014

A dynamic look at how humans have used forces through the ages to throw stuff about. Starting with simple machines like spear throwers and bows, through trebuchets and catapults, the invention of gunpowder and onto the very latest thing in rocket technology. Along the way youÂ’ll see the Wonderstruck Rocket Pack in operation, the Hoverchair of Doom and there is of course the part where Peter sets fire to his head.

  • We can do:
  • Big Thermite: up to 20 kilos of high temperature incendiary fun – your playing field will never be the same again!
  • Big Balloon: A 1 metre across balloon filled with hydrogen and oxygen gas – a real window rattler!
  • Big Sawdust: A compressed air cannon packed with sawdust and a propane torch igniter for the ultimate in fireballs

Delivery of any of these demos is subject to a safety assessment of your facilities and will also be subject to weather conditions on the day.

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