Photo of the Day

James & Fergus meet Wing Commander Martin Higgins, Officer Commanding the Red Arrows, when he dropped into our Micro-Planes Workshop at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival in 2016 

The Wonderstruck Rocket Sleigh

Posted 19:24, 29/11/2017

The Wonderstruck Rocket Sleigh!  Who needs Rudolph when you can deliver presents from a rocket-powered sleigh instead?

Liquid nitrogen bucket challenge

Posted 07:01, 25/11/2014

Peter being doused in 6 litres of liquid nitrogen

Having a smashing time!

Posted 04:15, 22/11/2014

Peter having a (resin) glass measuring cylinder smashed over his head during our Movie FX Show at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival 2014

The Mighty Propane Mortar

Posted 04:48, 21/11/2014

Peter getting a face full of fog

Posted 03:53, 20/11/2014

Peter getting a face full of fog while doing a liquid nitrogen/hot water explosion at Abu Dhabi Science Festival 2014

Propane Mortar Ignition

Posted 18:49, 17/11/2014

The first split second as the ball of gas from our propane mortar ignites during our Movie FX show at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival 2014

Rocket Rail at the Abu Dhabi Corniche

Posted 18:16, 16/11/2014

Matilda and Emily have built their very own Rocket Car!

Setting up our Compressed Air Rocket Workshop

Posted 04:28, 15/11/2014

Lindsey showing her strength while setting up Compressed Air Rockets at Al-Ain Zoo for the Abu Dhabi Science Festival 2014.

Flaming Hands

Posted 08:19, 14/11/2014

Peter testing some flame gel back stage at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival 2014

Head on Fire

Posted 14:11, 18/09/2014

Peter trying out his Flammable Gas Shampoo

The Rocket Car

Posted 14:11, 18/09/2014

An excited volunteer takes a seat on the Wonderstruck Rocket Car

The Rocket Car Workshop

Posted 12:37, 17/09/2014

A would-be Rocketeer poses with his Rocket Car just before testing.

My Very Own Ring System

Posted 17:23, 12/09/2014

Peter put on a few pounds over Christmas but didn’t realise that the extra mass would enable him to capture his own ring system. In...

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