The Fourth Annual Wonderstruck Science Competition

Posted 06:01, 08/05/2012

It’s that time again! We’ve just spent the last week visiting ten primary schools in the Torrington area to kick off the 2012 Wonderstruck Science Competition.

This year some 300 children will be competing to build the best Fan-Powered Car. The children work in teams to construct a prototype car, which they use as a test bed for different ideas and a means of figuring out which factors affect the performance of the car and why. They then use this information to help them build a better, faster car.

Each school has it’s own competition to find their best car and these cars are then invited to the final.

It’s an exciting year because the Wonderstruck Cup has been held by the two schools of the Tarka Federation (The Clinton School, Merton and Dolton Primary) for the last three years. Can the prestigious champions title be taken by someone else this year?

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