New Year, New Workshops & Shows

Posted 11:00, 08/01/2012

It’s been a grey and wet start to the New Year over here in the UK but we’re putting the finishing touches to some great new Workshops & Shows to brighten up the dull winter months.

We had a great time piloting our ‘Fantabulous Exploding Science Show’ at Petroc’s Bloodhound SSC STEM Conference back in December. About 800 primary, secondary and post-16 students saw the shows along with an evening show for local employers which included a keynote speech by Richard Noble OBE, Director of the Bloodhound SSC Project.

The Fantabulous Exploding Science Show is now a part of the Wonderstruck repertoire, along with our ‘Throwing Your Weight Around’ show which follows a forces and motion theme to tie in with this year’s National Science and Engineering Week.

We’re also putting together our ‘Robot Explorer’ workshop which gives Key Stage 2 & 3 pupils a chance to build simple robot planetary explorers fitted with small wireless cameras. The robots use simple switch activated sensors to navigate and explore their environment but the really exciting thing is that we actually launch the robots using our Heavy Lift Water Rocket. The plan is that the robots deploy by parachute and are then activated on touch down, sending wireless pictures back to Mission Control.

We hope to have this all up and running for March or April and as with all space ‘firsts’ we’ll be streaming live pictures of the first launch on the website. So watch this space.

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