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We believe that STEM learning should be as practical, creative and collaborative as possible. That's why all of our workshops involve teams working to build something that does something dramatic – shoot into the sky, hover across the floor or drive at high speed across a playground. Check out our current batch of workshops and don't forget to drop back occasionally because we're always coming up with new stuff!

Our Super Shows

Our shows are simply spectacular! We can guarantee that people will be talking about our desktop thermobaric bomb, Rocket Car, Vacuum Chair of Doom and plenty of other stuff for a long time after we've gone.
Despite the temptation, we don't sacrifice education for the sake of entertainment. We like to think there's plenty of room for both - with a few explosions and fireballs along the way!

And The Awesome Other Stuff We Do

When we're not in schools we have also been known to create the occasional STEM resource for museums, government agencies, businesses and universities.
Over the years we've worked with the NHS, the Royal Navy, British Antarctic Survey, HM Tower of London, The Historic Dockyard Chatham, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, the universities of Salford, Southampton, Portsmouth and Surrey amongst many others.
The resources we've created have included written and online materials, model 18th century men 'o' war, working scale model ships' cannons, robots, stone arch building kits, working ballistas, trebuchets and onagers, model 17th century stage machinery and the list goes on…

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